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2015-2016 Gateway Region Policy Changes

  • Club Directors must become Safesport certified before their Club's tryouts may be sanctioned.
  • Due to the change in timeframe for U18s Girls Junior National Championships, The 18's bid event will take place the weekend of March 12-13, 2016.  All U18's bids will be awarded at this event.
  • Seeding Tournaments will not be offered in the 2015/2016 season.
  • In the event that a team has less than 6 committed players by 8am the Friday immediately following tryouts, the commitment letter, if signed, will be voided and those players released to find another team.
  • E-cigs and Vapor Cigarettes are considered tobacco products.  Parents and/or Players must abide by facility or event rules with tobacco restrictions.

Policies related to Tournaments

  • If a Tournament Director sanctions a tournament and the entry fee reflects the provision of 1st officials, teams may expect that 1st officials will be provided throughout that tournament.  If a team is without a paid 1st official, the Tournament Director shall refund the difference between the entry fee and the maximum fee of $100 to each team affected.  Refunds will be postmarked within 14 days from the event.
  • Refunds to teams/clubs for cancelled tournaments or absent officials will be issued and postmarked within 14 days of cancellation or the event.

2015-2016 JNC information:

2016 Boys’ USAV Junior National Championships in Dallas, TX ~ June 29 - July 6

All Divisions – Registration will open in AES on January 4, 2016. Teams must have their membership complete to enter. It is important to do a data import prior to the opening of registration. Send entries and fees directly to USAV by the required deadline. Information can be found on this page http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball/Events/Indoor/Boys/2016-BJNC. The boys age division schedule for the BJNC may be found here.

2016 Girls’ USAV Summer Junior National Championships in Indianapolis, IN ~ June 24 - July 3

All Divisions U12-U17, including U14-U17 Patriot and U18 American and U18 Continental Divisions. Registration opens on AES on January 6, 2016 at 12:01 am EST. The girls age division schedule for the GJNC in Indianapolis may be found here.

  • Teams who qualify at a National Qualifier will have 10 business days after the Qualifier to submit entry forms and payment to USA Volleyball.
  • Open At Large applicants that DO NOT WANT to participate in the Gateway Bid Event – USAV deadline for entry TBA.
    All Patriot, National, American and Open at Large applicants that DO WANT to participate in the Gateway Bid Event – Gateway / USAV deadline for entry TBA.
  • Patriot Division (U14-U17)–Registration opens on AES on January 6, 2016 at 12:01 am EST for this non-qualifying division of the Girls’ JNC. Teams will be accepted based on date and time stamp of entry. Teams must have their membership complete to enter. It is important to do a data import prior to the opening of registration.
  • Late entries may be processed, but there are no guarantees that the team will be eligible for the GJNCs. If a team applies for entry into the GJNC, earns a bid at the Bid Event and chooses to not take the bid, they must be prepared to forfeit their GJNC entry fee and may be subject to additional penalties by USA Volleyball. The highest ranked team not accepting a Region Bid will be responsible for the fee and possible penalties.

2016 Girls U18 USAV Spring Junior National Championships in Milwaukee, WI ~ April 29 - May 1

(18 Open, 18 USA, 18 National, and 18 Patriot) Registration opens on AES on December 2, 2015 at 12:01 am EST.

  • Sixteen U18 Qualification Tournaments for Open, USA, and American division bids have been scheduled between the weekends of January 16-18 and March 18-21. Four of the sixteen U18 Qualification Tournaments have been tabbed as "Super" qualifiers.
  • National Division Bids will be determined through each Region's bid qualification process. Regions have a deadline of March 21, 2016 to announce National bid winners for their respctive regions.
  • Qualification for American Division Bids remains the same - U18 American division qualifier winners, plus each Region's bid qualification process. Regional American Bids have the same March 21st deadline.
  • As with all Patriot Division, there is no qualification process. Teams will be accepted based on date of entry and fulfillment of registration procedures.
  • In the Spring GJNC, the Open Division will host 36 teams. National Division will host 48 teams. USA Division will host 48 teams. In the Summer GJNC, the American Division will host 64 teams.
  • Also in the Summer GJNC, a new Continental Division will host 12 teams - 8 teams from the US, and 4 International teams. The 8 teams from the US will be comprised of the four "Super" qualifier winners, Winner of the 18 Open division at Spring GJNC, and 3 at-large selections. The 12 teams will be organized into two pools of six teams, with two International teams in each pool. The Continental Division will play a best 3 out of 5 format.
  • USAV has identified the 4 "Super" Qualifiers as: Crossroads, Southern California, MEQ, and Lonestar.
  • A team winning a "Super" qualifier may choose to accept either the bid to the Open Division at the Spring GJNCs or the Continental Division at the Summer GJNCs - or BOTH. Different from what is currently in place, it will be allowable for a team to turn down an 18 Open bid at an 18s National Qualifier without penalty.
  • Allowance - While players will still be unable to play in two different qualification divisions within the 18s age (Example: a player can't play in the 18 Open and then play in the 18 American in the summer), a player may play in a qualification division in one event and a non-qualification event in the other (Example: a player could play 18 Patriot in the spring and 18 American in the summer).
  • Allowance - Players may play in different qualification divisions for the same club, but not in the same age group (Example: a player could play 18 Open in the spring and 17 Open in the summer), as long as they are still participating with the same club.
  • Allowance - A team (based on team code), regardless of the age group, may only play in one Championship division requiring qualification (Open, National, USA, or American) in a year. Example: A team could play in the Patriot Division in the spring and the American Division in the summer, but could not play in the Open, National, or USA in the spring and then play in the American in the summer.
  • Allowance - Only 18s teams will be eligible to initially enroll for the 18 Patriot Division. 17s teams will be waitlisted and added on a space available basis after the deadline.
  • Age Exception - will be granted to a high school student in the 11th grade during some part of the current academic year whose date of birth is prior to September 1 of 1998 to participate in the GJNC. This exception only applies to the GJNC event. It does not extend to National Qualifer events.
  • Age Exception - A player may participate in the qualification process with one team that has not yet qualified. Once a team has qualified, that player is frozen to that roster for the Champtionship (Spring GJNC or Summer GJNC) at which the Division (Open, National, USA, or American) is being contested. If that player is eligible by age definition to play in an age group younger than 18s, she may also participate at the Championship that does not coincide with the Division with which she qualified, provided it is within the same club. EXAMPLE 1: A player in the 17's age division plays on an 18s team and that team qualifis for the Spring GJNC in the Open Division. That player may not play on any other team, let's say a 17s team trying to qualify for 17 Open, to help that team qualify for the summer GJNC. She may, however, be added to the 17 Open roster to play in the GJNC within that club. EXAMPLE 2: A club has a team that has qualified for the 18 USA Division of the spring GJNC, they may add a player from their club who plays on a younger team to play in the spring GJNC even if the younter team has qualified for the GJNC.

Future 2016-2017 National Events!

  • U18 Girls Spring Junior National Championships April 28-30, 2017 in TBA
  • Girls Summer Junior National Championships June 24-July 4, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN
  • Boys Junior National Championships July 1-8, 2017 in Columbus, OH


Student-athletes need to behave appropriately at all times and in all forums. They should be particularly aware of social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, or other emerging technologies. In fact, enough cannot be said about the importance of being aware of these emerging technologies. Anyone can post a picture of another student, and an athlete whose exploits are publicized on Facebook might lose a scholarship offer. Check out the full story here: http://www.ncsasports.org/blog/2013/01/24/responsible-athlete-social-media/.

Gateway Region Buying Alliance

The Gateway Region has joined a Buying Alliance comprised of several other Regional Volleyball Associations of USA Volleyball.

This Alliance was created to aid our Region members who buy volleyball equipment and apparel annually. Several National companies were contacted to see if significant discounts could be negotiated with a large number of orders being grouped together nationally. Many companies were on board and very interested in offering this benefit to the USA Volleyball members.

We encourage our clubs to check out the companies and utilize the service. If the Alliance is a success across the country, we will be able to add more companies and negotiate bigger discounts to pass along to the members.

Check out the companies and offers now available through the Buying Alliance.

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