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Gateway Region Bids

12s 1 Nat & 2 Am

13s 1 Nat & 1 Am

14s 1 Nat & 1 Am

15s 1 Nat & 1 Am

16s 1 Nat & 1 Am

17s 1 Nat & 1 Am

18s 1 Nat & 1 Am

All bids and reallocations have been awarded for the GJNC in Minneapolis. 

2014 Boys VB Championships in Houston, TX
2014 BJNC Deadlines All Divisions – Registration is now open in AES. Send entries and fees directly to USAV by the required deadline. Information can be found on this page: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball/Events/Indoor/Boys/2014-BJNC.

2014 Girls VB Championships in Minneapolis, MN
2014 GJNC Deadlines. All entries and checks will go directly to USAV this year. Information can be found on this page: http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Volleyball/Events/Indoor/Girls/2014-Girls-JNC.

Teams who qualify at a National Qualifier will have 10 business days after the Qualifier to submit entry forms and payment to USA Volleyball.

Open at Large applicants that DO NOT WANT to participate in the Gateway Bid Event – USAV deadline for entry is April 23, 2014.

All National, American and Open at Large applicants that DO WANT to participate in the Gateway Bid Event – Gateway / USAV deadline for entry is April 11, 2014.

Patriot Division – Registration is now open through AES on a first come, first served basis for this non-qualifying division of the Girls’ JNC.

Late entries may be processed, but there are no guarantees that the team will be eligible for the GJNCs
. If a team applies for entry into the GJNC, earns a bid at the Bid Event and chooses to not take the bid, they must be prepared to forfeit their GJNC entry fee and may be subject to additional penalties by USA Volleyball. The highest ranked team not accepting the bid will be responsible for the fee and possible penalties.

2014 Policy Changes

1. $50 registration fee for Regular Members.

Policies specific to the Junior Program
1. Seeding tournament entries will be limited to teams who participated in the Bid Event or finished in the Gold bracket at Gold/Silver Regionals the previous season.
2. The entry fee for Regionals will be $250.
3. The entry fee for the Bid Event will be $250 (only Girl’s 12s – 18s are eligible to enter).
4. The tryout policy for the 10s and younger age divisions is as follows:
Clubs are not required to do a tryout and may use a club online registration system or sign up method; however the sign up process may not start before the designated first day of tryouts established for that age division. In addition, players must be allowed the “waiting period” defined in the Notification Acceptance Process before an Official Commitment can be accepted. If a club plans for the 10s team/s to participate in 11s tournaments, the current tryout guidelines must be followed. Clubs should communicate with players/parents at tryouts if there is a possibility that the 10s team intends to participate in 11s or older events.
5. Coaches must complete a USAV/GW rules clinic.

Policies related to Tournaments

1. Tournament Directors may designate that either the winning or losing team from a playoff match will officiate the next playoff match. An acceptable method would be the following: Teams losing in playoffs will be expected to stay and officiate the subsequent match on their court, with the exception of championship match responsibilities, which will be shared by both semi-finals losers. The Tournament Director does have the authority to release one of the teams if wait time is a factor. The remaining team must provide the complete officiating crew.
2. Awards for junior events: 21 or more teams: individual medals for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams unless playoff divisions (e.g., gold/silver/bronze) are used, in which case awards should minimally be given for 1st and 2nd place in the top division and then for first place in any lower playoff divisions.
3. There will be no parking fees allowed at Gateway sanctioned events unless a sanction exception has been granted by the Commissioner

Gateway Region Buying Alliance

The Gateway Region has joined a Buying Alliance comprised of several other Regional Volleyball Associations of USA Volleyball.

This Alliance was created to aid our Region members who buy volleyball equipment and apparel annually. Several National companies were contacted to see if significant discounts could be negotiated with a large number of orders being grouped together nationally. Many companies were on board and very interested in offering this benefit to the USA Volleyball members.

We encourage our clubs to check out the companies and utilize the service. If the Alliance is a success across the country, we will be able to add more companies and negotiate bigger discounts to pass along to the members.

Check out the companies and offers now available through the Buying Alliance.

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