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Junior Ref/Scorekeeping Practicals

Date Location Time Emphasis Status
December 17, 2017 TESL Center 1-5pm Ref & Score 3-12 teams

GW Junior Officiating Practical for the 2017-18 Season

This Region Sponsored Practical is designed to aid new clubs and small clubs that consists of 1-2 teams who are unable to provide their own approved clinicians or conduct their own practicums. Players are REQUIRED to complete the GW18  junior player scorekeepers and GW18 junior player referee online training modules before attending this Region sponsored Practical.  During the practical, techniques and rules learned in the online clinic portion will be applied. Each person should be given an opportunity to practice their new skills. The jr. officiating requirements are complete once a person has successfully finished the online clinics AND practical sessions and the attendance record has been forwarded to the Gateway Region Office.

The Officiating Practical scheduled below REQUIRES pre-registration by the Team Coach/Club Director. Contact Jennifer Morecraft at, or 314-849-1221 with any questions.  Click below to register online!

To Access Online Training

The Gateway Region has moved forward with USA Volleyball in offering easy online courses to be taken at your convenience. All Junior Player and Adult Clinician training will now be completed using this method.

USAV requires annual online re-certification for Players and Clinicians teaching Juniors’ Officials Training.  USAV has developed a new process of accessing these online clinician modules to hopefully make it easier for everyone. Here are the instructions:

  • Login to Webpoint:
  • You membership must be current and paid for - Adults must have a current background screen
  • Under "USA Volleyball Events" (on the left Menu Bar) select "Region Clinics"
  • A list of all Gateway clinics offered this season will appear along with a Registration button to the right
  • You will then register for the appropriate online module -
  • Players will select either/both GW18 Junior Player Referees, and/or GW18 Junior Player Scorers*
  • *Please note that you may choose to have your players complete both scorekeeping and referee training OR you may evenly divide up those who referee and those who keep score. If you choose to divide up, please make sure that your players are receiving the correct training at the practical.
  • Coaches/Adults will select either/both GW18 Junior Referee Clinician Training, and/or GW18 Junior Scorer Clinicians.  The Clinician training courses are specifically for adult club representatives who are tasked with teaching the players in their club how to ref and score.
  • After selecting your chosen modules, it is necessary to click on the RED USAV ACADEMY Button to link your courses to your webpoint account - logging out of Webpoint early will create future errors in accessing or completing your modules.

The Player modules must be completed 100% before attending the Region run Practical clinic on Sunday December 17, 2017 .  The Clinician modules must be completed 100% before conducting any club or team officiating clinic or practical.

All Gateway training material for your club clinics can be located by clicking here

Any questions contact Jen Morecraft at or 314-849-1221.

Flexibility with scheduling will be necessary so we may group teams together based on general age division to provide suitable age appropriate scrimmages, if possible.  Generally speaking, we hope to provide the practical for younger players between 1-3pm, and older players between 3-5pm, if numbers allow.  However, # of teams will ultimately dictate time frame.

What To Bring to a Practical?

Players should bring:

  • Your own Black/Blue Ink Pens
  • Your own Pencil
  • Your own Whistle
  • A numbered shirt

Gateway will provide:

  • Scoresheets/Libero sheets/Lineup sheets
  • Mentors to assist with officiating
  • Playing/Reffing schedule