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Gateway Open Beach Jr National Qualifier

So, How do Beach Sand Doubles Bids Work?

Due to COVID, USAV is working to address potential outcomes with regards to summer events.  USAV will determine the fate of any bids that may be awarded for this 2019-2020 season.

There are 3 tiers of Competition for Beach Junior Nationals.  Very similar to Boys and Girls Junior Nationals.

National Open Bids: May only be obtained at a Beach National Qualifier.

Regional Open Bids: May only be obtained at Beach Regional Qualifiers.  Gateway Regional Beach Bids are ONLY available to Gateway Region Pairings where both players are Gateway Region Members.

Pay to Play Division - Similar to the Indoor Boys JNC "Club" division, or the Indoor Girls JNC "Patriot" division.

2020 Gateway Beach Open has been cancelled

St. Louis County released a statement at an 8:30am Press Conference the morning of Friday May 29, 2020 that the county has made the decision to extend Phase 1 restrictions in the re-opening process.  This statement mirrors the decision made by the State of Missouri on Thursday May 28, 2020.  It was our hope and speculation that our area would move to Phase 2 of re-opening at the beginning of June.  But due to these circumstances, we are sad to announce that we are no longer able to have this event.

Age Division and Competition Dress Code


Uniforms are not required but are encouraged. All athletes are REQUIRED to wear a top, for girls it must cover your midsection when standing, and bottoms such as spandex, shorts or leggings. No bikinis will be permitted for any team.  For boys it must be a tank top or t-shirt that covers the midsection when standing, and bottoms such as board shorts, athletic shorts. No brief type swim trunks.

2020 Age Division General Schedule Flows

Please note: Waves and venues will be posted as soon as concrete information regarding our facilities is communicated.