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Gateway League

GW League AES Registration opens Oct 1, 2023

GW League AES Registration closes Dec 1, 2023

League Bid Weekend AES Registration opens Oct 1, 2023

League Bid Weekend AES Registration Closes Dec 31, 2023

The Steel Shed (Blue Steel Facility) O'Fallon, IL

Facility Info & Policies

590 Hartman Ln
O'Fallon, IL 62269

No outside food, or coolers.  Concessions Available. 

Some Bleacher seating provided.  Outside Chairs allowed (rubber feet only).

There will be a Cash Only $5 admission fee.   Ages 10 and under free.

Overflow Parking at the "At Home" store.

Northpoint HS (Wentzville, MO)

Facility Info & Policies

2255 W Meyer Rd
Wentzville, MO 63385

Admission $5/day/spectator - Cash Only.  Children 10-&-Under free.

Concessions Available.

Belleville Family SportsPlex

Facility Info & Policies

2346 Mascoutah Ave.
Belleville, IL  62220

No outside food, coolers, or chairs.  Concessions Available. 

There will be a $5 Cash-only admission fee per spectator.   Ages 5 and under free. 

Lafayette High School (Wildwood)

Facility Info & Policies

17050 Clayton Road
Wildwood, MO 63011

Bleacher Seating provided.

No concessions Sunday Jan 21, 2024.  Concessions available (no outside food/drink) on Sunday Jan 28, 2024.

Admission $5/day/spectator - Cash Only.  Children 10-&-Under free.

Chesterfield Sports Complex

Facility Info & Policies

150 N Eatherton Rd
Chesterfield, MO 63005

No outside food, coolers, or chairs.  Concessions Available. 

Admission $5/day/spectator - Cash Only.  Children 10-&-Under free.

Legacy VTC

Facility Info & Policies

601 Gravois Bluffs Blvd.  STE G
Fenton, MO  63026

Full café available.  NO outside chairs, food, drink or coolers.

Court streaming service available with subscription.

There will be a $5 admission fee.  Ages 10 and under free.    

General Flow and Format

More details will become available as we move closer to the event.  It is our goal to provide 3 matches each day of league during pool plays, and 2 matches each day of bracket play - depending on total teams in an age division.  We will aim for a minimum of 16 Matches over the course of the league.

Unique Event Notes

1) The GW Region's Freedom Division bids to the GJNC (U14-18) will be awarded at the end of play on days 5 & 6 of the League.  There is no Freedom Bid available for U10-13s.

2) U10-18s teams will have the option of registering for either the first 4 days of interage play, the last 2 days of own-age League Bid Weekend, or all 6 days of the League.  The last 2 days of U13 own-age play does not have a Freedom bid to award (No Freedom Division at USAV GJNC).

3) There is no pre-requisite to play in the Bid Event portion of the GW League (final 2 days).  Playing in all 6 days of the league OR playing in final 2 days of the league will count as the 2 GW region sanctioned events required to play in the Donna Mayer GW Girls Bid Event (Feb for G18, April for G11-17)

4) The top 1, 2, or 3 15 & Under teams may begin in the 16-18s inter-age group play (depending on U16-18s registrant #s).  Team(s) selected will be based on Prior season's GJNC participation Division in order of strength, then Finish, if two teams finished in the same division.

5) U10s & U11s may begin inter-age group play as early as day 3 or 4 (depending on registrant #s)

6) U10-12s inter-age group play will begin Day 5

7) The U10s and U11s divisions will have a 6'6" Step-in Service Line until they begin inter-age group play with U12 teams on Day 5.  The Silver division of U12 will also be allowed a 6'6" Step-in Service Line.

8) U12 Gold Division Pools, U12 Gold Division Bracket, and U10-12 Gold Division Inter-age group pools and U10-12 Gold Division Bracket will not have a step-in service line.  U10-12 Silver Division Inter-age group pools and U10-12 Silver Division and lower Brackets may step in for Service (6'6")

9) 13-15s will play with the 15's serving rules: There are no re-tosses and up to 8 seconds to serve once whistle is blown to beckon for serve.

10) If a team enters a Girls GW Regional Bid event (Donna Mayer Girls 11-17s Bid Event or Girls League Bid Weekend) and refuses to accept a bid if a bid is awarded the day of the tournament, the following penalties will be applied: In addition to any national penalties levied directly by USAV, the entire club, club director, head coach, and all adult members listed on the roster will be banned from Region qualifying events for the rest of the season and next season.  Ineligible clubs will be listed on the website and can be added to the club information page.  this does not apply to trickle down bids or Nationally allocated bids.

Flows and formats are tentative and will ultimately be shaped by # of registrants

Ages 10-12s

Day 1 - Own Age group and Division Play

Day 2 - Own Age group and Inter-Division Play

Day 3 - 10-11s Inter-Age group Pool Play, 12s Inter-Division Play

Day 4 - 10-11s & 12s Bracket play

Day 5 - 10-12s Inter-Age play based on Day 4 finishes.

Day 6 - 2 Match minimum Bracket Play U10-12

Ages 13-15s, 16-18s

Day 1 & 2 - Inter-Age Play in large opening Pools.

Day 3 - Inter-Age Power Pools

Day 4 - Inter-Age Brackets

Day 5 - Own-Age Bid Event Pool Play

Day 6 - Own-Age Bid Event Brackets

Seeding is based on prior season's Final Rankings and Bid Event finishes.

Final Flows and formats are incumbent upon # of registered teams.  Registration will Open Oct 1.  For U13-18s teams only able to play for the 1st four days, cost is $525.  For U13-18s who are only able to play for the last 2 bid event days, cost is $325.  To Register for all 6 days (including U10-12s) a team must register for both the first 4 day portion, and the last 2 day bid weekend portion.  A refund ($50/team) will be issued to all clubs/teams that participate all 6 days.

ALL Divisions will play days 5 & 6 in the convention center alongside our Boys National Qualifier!

2024 Gateway League

Gateway Region has assumed the organizational operation of a region wide early season event to prepare teams of all levels for the core of the competitive season.  The league is structured to allow progressive competition to tier from round to round so teams will begin to play similarly skilled teams.  Since skill levels tier themselves out, it is an ideal option for early season preparation for meeting your team's goals for the season.

Teams may choose to register for just the first 4 days of competition, the last 2 days of competition, or all 6 days of competition.  Teams will receive a $50 refund at the conclusion of the entire league if they register for all 6 days.  To register for all 6 days, a team will register for BOTH the 24 Gateway League as well as the League Bid Weekend, which is embedded within the 24 Dennis Lafata Boys Bid Classic.  Non-Gateway Region teams may only register for the first 4 days of competition.

In addition to early season preparation, Gateway will be awarding age division winners in the U14-18s age groups the Freedom Bid to the GJNC that is allocated to our region.  Competition on days 5 & 6 (League Bid Weekend) will determine the bid winner in each of the U14-18s age groups.  Teams that are unable to play the entirety of the league are still eligible to register for just days 5 & 6 of the league.

Registration for the 1st 4 days of league may be found thru AES - link above.  Registration for the final 2 days of league (League Bid Weekend) is embedded within the 24 Dennis Lafata Boys Bid Classic - National Qualifier - Link also above.  All Age Divisions will compete under one roof in the convention center Downtown alongside our Boys National Qualifier.

2024 Gateway League Dates and Age group Breakdown

Age Group Sat Jan 6 Sun Jan 7 Sat Jan 20 Sun Jan 21 Sat Jan 27 Sun Jan 28 Sat Feb 10 Sun Feb 11
U18 U16-18 U16-18 U16-18 U16-18 U18 All Bids U18 All Bids
U17 U16-18 U16-18 U16-18 U16-18 U17 Bid U17 Bid
U16 U16-18 U16-18 U16-18 U16-18 U16 Bid U16 Bid
U15 U13-15 U13-15 U13-15 U13-15 U15 Bid U15 Bid
U14 U13-15 U13-15 U13-15 U13-15 U14 Bid U14 Bid
U13 U13-15 U13-15 U13-15 U13-15 U13 U13
U12 U12 U12 U11-12 U11-12 U10-12 U10-12
U11 U11 U11 U10-11 U10-11 U10-12 U10-12
U10 U10 U10 U10-11 U10-11 U10-12 U10-12