Regional Rankings

The first ranking list for girls will be no later than March 7th, 2022. . Until that time there are not enough results for the seeding system to work. The list will be updated periodically during the season until we begin scheduling Regionals which is approximately a week after the entry deadline.

This Ranking System is based on head-to-head game record of teams within the same age level. Results are processed from Gateway Sanctioned competition between Gateway teams only. No results are considered when a team’s opponent is from a higher or lower age level. Playing more Gateway tournaments within the correct level helps contribute to the accuracy of each team’s rank. Set win/loss records between two Gateway teams of the same age level, from competition outside the Gateway Region, may be submitted to the office, but must be verifiable in an established tournament system such as AES, TM2, or Sportwrench. E-mail, with this information. After the results have been confirmed, they will be added to the ranking system.

The rankings are the result of an algorithm designed to measure the quality of a team’s season to date by combining their winning percentage with the difficulty of their schedule. All teams are computed simultaneously. The strength of schedule is measured as the average rank of a team’s opponents. The original method of ranking was developed by Boyd Nation for college baseball. He very generously shared his efforts with the Gateway Region. More information about Boyd Nation, including a detailed description of the system he developed, can be found on his web site at

Current Rankings reflect only those results that have been turned back into the Region Office or actively reported.