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Gateway Region Volleyball Precautionary Measures in response to Coronavirus COVID-19.

By Linus Shyu/USAV, 03/10/20, 2:30PM CDT


Health and Risk Protocols regarding Gateway Region Events

Commencing with this weekend’s Gateway Region sanctioned tournaments and continuing until further notice, the region is implementing the following amendment to Match protocol.

The match will begin with both teams lined up on their respective end-lines. The First Referee will beckon the teams to the court. The teams will then proceed to their respective 10’ attack lines (not the centerline).

Once there, they will wave to the opposing team, optionally exchange verbal good wishes, wave to the crowd and proceed to their positions on the court for the line-up check.

At the conclusion of the match, the First Referee will send teams, players and coaches, to the end lines. The R1 will then beckon them to proceed to their respective attack lines (again, not the centerline) to exchange greetings and congratulations from there.

During side changes, players and coaches should avoid direct contact. No hand-shakes at the captains meeting.

Other points of emphasis:

  • Players need to be conscious of their hands during team huddles and timeouts.
  • During substitutions, players should not touch hands
  • Scorers should bring their own pens and pencils
  • Players should replace their usual “high-fives” with individual celebrations (clapping hands)
  • Athletes and coaches acting as an R1 or R2 should clean their hands before popping their whistle (which also needs cleaning) into their mouth.
  • If a player or parent has a fever or is suspected of being ill, they should stay home.
  • Pick up and dispose of your drink bottles. Do not leave those at the bench
  • Wash your hands throughout the day and certainly before you eat or drink.
  • We cannot effectively clean volleyballs, which are made of a porous leather surface and do not react well to sprays & gels.


We are actively monitoring developments from day to day. We expect that tournaments this weekend can proceed, but that can change as more information comes available. We will post any updates, if available, on the home page of the Gateway website.