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GW Region - Path to the Podium 16-18s GJNC

By GW Region Staff, 03/10/23, 8:45AM CST


USAV GJNC Earned Bids 16-18s...

Gateway Region teams have seen great early season success at qualifiers!

HPSTL 18 Royal started off the Bid Season earning a USA Bid in Chicago at the Winter Championships over MLK weekend.  Rockwood 18 Elite earned our region's Freedom Bid thru a trickle down from HPSTL 18 Royal at our Gateway League - Bid Weekend.  And a weekend later at the Dennis Lafata Boys Qualifier our Girls 18s Bid event allocated 2 more Regional Bids.  HPSTL 18 Royal earned our National Bid, which trickled their USA Bid to Rockwood 18 Elite.  Rockwood 18 Elite's Freedom bid then trickled past our 3rd place finisher to our 4th place finisher, Core STL 18-1.  Our 3rd place finisher, BSVBC 18 Black accepted the Region's American Bid.

BSVBC 18 Black then went on to Qualify in the Liberty Division in Indianapolis at the MEQ, trickling their American bid to Core STL 18-1.  The Freedom bid trickled to Rockwood 18 Navy!

USAV awarded a Re-allocation Freedom Bid on April 4, 2023 to Gateway Region, and the next team that accepted the bid was Top Notch 18 Elite!  USAV Re-allocated a National bid on April 10, 2023, and Rockwood 18 Elite Accepted that bid, and trickled their USA Bid to Pursuit 18 National.

In our 17s age division, Northern Lights was the qualifier setting that saw 2 of our teams earn bids outside our region.  Rockwood 17 Navy earned a USA Bid while HP South 17 Premier earned a Liberty Bid.  Over Easter Weekend, Rockwood 17 Elite earned their Open Bid outright with a 2nd place finish at Windy City.  Their Freedom bid trickled to HPSTL 17 Royal

Aptil 26th, prior to the Bid Event, our region was re-allocated a 17 Freedom Bid, which was accepted by HP Illinois 17 National.  At the start of the Donna Mayer Bid Event, the 17s had 1 National and 1 American bid in play, with 2 Freedom Bid potentially up for grabs.  HPSTL 17 Royal finished 1st earning the Region's National Bid.  The American Bid was declined by 2nd place Momentum 17 Navy, but was accepted by HPSTL 17 Orange.  HPSTL 17 Royal's Freedom Bid trickled to HTH 17-1, the next in line for the Freedom Bid trickle.

May 10th, a re-allocated 17 American Bid was awarded to Gateway Region, and accepted by HPSTL 17 White.

In our 16s age division, Sunshine Classic in Florida awarded 2 of our region teams their bids.  HPSTL 16 Royal earned their Open Bid, while Core STL U16 Navy earned their Liberty Bid.  HPSTL 16 Royal's Freedom Bid has currently trickled to Rockwood 16 Elite.

HP Illinois 16 National qualified at the Mideast Qualifier in the USA Division, bringing home another bid for our region while  Rockwood 16 Navy earned their USA Bid in Philly at the Northeast Qualifier.

At the start of the Donna Mayer Bid Event, there was 1 National and 1 American bid to award.  Rockwood 16 Elite finished 1st, and accepted the National Bid.  2nd place HP Illinois 16 National was ineligible for the American Bid as they already had a USA Bid.  So the American Bid trickled to HPSTL 16 Orange.  Rockwood 16 Elite's Freedom Bid trickled to HP South 16 Premier thru the Freedom Bid Trickle Process.

An additional re-allocated Freedom Bid fell to GW region the night of May 31, 2023, and was allocated to Blue Steel 16 Black thru the Freedom bid trickle process.

A complete listing of teams headed to the big dance may be found on the Girl's Bid Event page: