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2023-24 Season Updates!

By Linus Shyu, 08/29/23, 12:15PM CDT


New Season Updates heading into 2023-24

Reminders, updates and info for the 2023-24 season!

1) Most GW Region run events will open in AES on October 1, 2023.  Our events may be easily found in AES by searching "24 Gateway" or "Mayer" or "Lafata"  The only event that opens after October 1, is the 24 Donna Mayer Girls 11-17s Bid event, as that registration will open concurrently with the opening of USAV's AES registration.  Details, links, prerequisites and deadlines may be found on each respective event page.

2) Uniform clarification - Certain uniform and uniform number color combinations will be sanctioned by USAV as illegal for competition.  Royal Blue and Black are NOT considered contrasting, whether or not the uniform number is outlined/shaded.  So a Royal Blue uniform with a black number outlined by a colored border will be considered illegal.  ALSO, a libero Jersey must be clearly contrasting with the other players on the team – so a team uniform jersey with a red top half, and black bottom half may not be used in conjunction with a libero jersey that has a black top half and red bottom half.  If you want to make sure your uniforms are competition legal, you may send a photo of all your uniforms to Rachel Kirk, our region’s head official:

3) Gateway League and League Bid Weekend - Mirroring last season, the 1st 4 days of league for U13-18s will be inter-age group play.  U10-12s will have their own age group play, with 10s and 11s potentially combining on days 3 and 4.  What will be new for 2023-24 will be the fact that ALL age divisions will play days 5 & 6 in the Convention Center downtown St. Louis on February 10 & 11, 2024.  These final 2 days of League, called the League Bid Weekend is own-age group play, and will award the Freedom Bid to the USAV GJNC for U14-17s.  U13s will be formatted just like the U14-17s, but will not have a bid in play, as there is no Freedom division at the GJNC for U13s.  U10-12s will engage in inter-age group play for their final weekend of League.

4) All League Bid Weekend divisions are embedded within the 24 Dennis Lafata Boys Bid Classic AES Registration.  Teams deciding on participating in our league may register for just the 1st 4 days of play (GW League), the last 2 days of play (League Bid Weekend), or all 6 days of play.  Due to calendar and seasonal constraints unique to 18s teams, the traditional Donna Mayer 18s Bid Event has been folded into the League Bid Weekend.  The Girls 18s division of the League Bid Weekend will therefore be awarding ALL Three Regionally allocated bids to the USAV 18s GJNC. (1 National, 1 American, & 1 Freedom Bid)  As in years past, Girls 18s teams need to register for both the League Bid weekend, and the 18s GJNC.  However, new this season, Girls 18s teams are only required to play in one (1) Gateway Sanctioned 18s tournament prior to the Bid Weekend to be eligible to participate.

5) The awarded Freedom Bid trickle down will now occur within the League Bid Weekend event until the Friday prior to the 24 Donna Mayer Gateway Girls 11-17s Bid Event at which time, if the freedom bid is brought into that event, it will trickle down in the Spring Gateway BID Event Ages 14’s to 17’s. League Info and registration links may be found on the event page:

6) New for 2023-24 season: If a team enters a Girls Gateway Regional Bid event (Girls11-17s or Girls League Bid Weekend) and refuses to accept the bid the day of the tournament the following penalties will be applied: In addition to any national penalties levied directly by USAV, the entire club, club director, head coach, and all adult members listed on the roster will be banned from Region qualifying events for the rest of the season and next season. Ineligible clubs will be listed on the website and can be added to the club information page.  This does not apply to trickle down bids or Nationally allocated bids.  Event Prerequisites, Details and links may be found on the event page:

7) Gateway Region Events & Officials Registration - This season, Officials who wish to work Gateway Region events should utilize AES to register and indicate their availability.  All events are open in AES for Officials to register and make availability notes.  Because Gateway League takes place over the course of 4 weekends, Officials should register within the AES Event Registrations listed as "24 Gateway League OFFICIALS ONLY" Wknds 1, 2 & 3.  If officials would like to work weekend 4 of Gateway League, please register under the "24 Dennis Lafata Boys Bid Classic" as the "GW League Bid Weekend" is embedded within that AES registration to better organize all our officials that are under one roof.