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Mandatory Safesport Requirements for 2017-18

By Bernie MacLean, 08/11/17, 9:00PM CDT


New Safesport Mandates for upcoming 2017-18


The new SafeSport Platform at will be launching on Monday, October 2.  To become SafeSport certified, a USAV member will need to complete all three of the 30-minute modules (replacing the current 90-minute course).

1.  Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education
2.  Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
3.  Emotional and Physical Misconduct

The training will be valid for 2 membership seasons, similar to how we currently handle background checks.

Per the USOC, NGBs must provide a SafeSport education program for (1) those individuals it formally authorizes, approves or appoints (a) to a position of authority over, or (b) to have frequent contact with athletes; and (2) NGB staff.


The current SafeSport online courses at  (Team USA Prep Center) will be shut down on Monday, September 18, 2017 to allow for data migration to the new SafeSport platform at

***Please note that members will not be able to take the online SafeSport training from Monday, September 18 through Sunday, October 1.

Of course, any new member who meets the USOC requirements must be SafeSport certified to participate in any junior event. So, they should plan to complete SafeSport training prior to the service interruption. Please pass this messaging on to your clubs so they can plan accordingly.  Additionally, if the down period poses a problem, please contact us so we can work through any options.


USAV has negotiated with the USOC for a transition period to phase in the new training materials given the timing of the rollout of the new program and its coincidence with our membership season. USAV will be transitioning to a two-season SafeSport cycle starting with the 2018-2019 season.  

Any required individual who has not taken the new course work will need to do so to participate in junior events (National or Regional) starting with the 2018 -2019 season.  This means that everyone already SafeSport certified under the current program will remain certified through all of the 2017-2018 season.

USAV will encourage members who are already SafeSport certified to review the newly created Reporting Child Sexual Abuse module via communications on multiple media platforms as we’d like to close the gap between the original SafeSport course and the new program with as many members as quickly as possible.