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Ref/Score Clinics Now Available

By Jennifer Morecraft, 10/18/18, 1:45PM CDT



The Ref/Scorekeeping clinics are now available for the 2018-2019 season. Follow the instructions below to register and get started. The primary courses that Junior Players should take are the Junior Player Scorer Training and the Junior Player Referee Training. Junior players may also take Second Referee Training and the Cram Session if they wish. No other courses should be taken by juniors besides those listed above.

*Note that you must be a current member for the 2018-2019 season. Members that are current through 10/31/2018 will not be able to register for the courses*


  1. 1.) Log into Webpoint:

  2. 2.) On the left-hand menu bar, scroll down and click on “Region Clinics”

  3. 3.) Click on Region Ref/Score Clinics select the blue “Participant Registration+” button for whichever course(s) you will be taking.

  4. 4.) Copy and paste your Member ID into the Member/Contact ID box and click “Go”. Your information will fill out automatically (note that this is much easier than manually filling out all of your information because your information must exactly match what is listed in Webpoint. Member ID should be available below the Gateway Region logo in the top left corner of the page).

  5. 5.) Click Register found at the bottom of the registration page.

  6. 6.) Click the Log Into USAV Academy button found at the bottom of the registration. *This is important because it uploads the training materials to USAV Academy.*

  7. 7.) Access your coursework in USAV Academy.