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Well, what can the Region do for me?

The Region will hosts (2) Club Information Nights for families new to Club Volleyball.  The Information Nights are an opportunity to learn more about Club VB in our region, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and meet with club representatives that choose to attend.


Where do I even begin?

Stepping into the Club Volleyball World can be a dizzying experience.  Where does one start?  Once you've figured out what legal age division your child will be playing in, it's time to do some research on the clubs available to play for.  Every club is different.  Where do they practice?  How often do they practice?  When do they practice?  How often do they compete?  What are competition days like?  Is there travel involved?  If so, how much?  How much is this going to cost?  Are coaches certified somehow?  When does the season start and end?  Much can be learned by going to our "Junior Club Information" page and looking at the current list of Club Profiles.  This is a listing of clubs that have chosen to make their basic geographic and contact information public.  The profiles are updated at the direction of the club directors themselves, and are continually updated when region staff receive new documentation.  It is recommended that families research the profiles, and reach out to club contacts with specific questions.

What legal age group would my child be eligible to compete in?

What competitive age group should your young athlete be trying out for?  Click below for the 2021-2022 Birth Date Cutoff for the USAV Age Divisions to make sure your son/daughter is "age legal" to play for a particular team. 

For instance, players eligible to play in the 12 and under division have to have been born on or after July 1, 2009.  Most 6th graders fall into this age range. However, there are some 6th graders that were born before the July 1st cutoff , which means they have to play in the 13 and under age division. Those 6th graders who fall into the 13 and under age division may apply for a grade based waiver , to play with their 6th grade classmates.  Realize that teams with age-waivered players are not  eligible for nationally sanctioned tournaments such as Qualifier or USAV Nationals.   Also will not be eligible to participate in region bid event. 

For a variety of reasons, not all clubs will accept age-waivered players on their teams. Please go to our club profiles tab on our club information page to research which clubs/teams accept waivered players on their teams.

What are Tryouts? And is there anything I do to prepare beforehand?

Tryouts are the legal process thru which players are selected for each club team.  Open tryouts for the Gateway Region must be posted publicly.  Annual season Tryouts for specific age groups may only occur AFTER a certain date, that is determined by the Gateway Region Board of Directors.  For a current listing of boys and girls tryouts, follow the links to their respective tryout pages below:

A number of clubs provide opportunities for players to attend "open gyms" to get touches on the ball for a minimal price.  Some clubs also offer instructional camps and clinics before tryouts.  Open gym, camp, and clinic schedules for various clubs may be found on their respective websites, many of which are listed in their club profiles.  These activities are an opportunity for the player to learn more about potential coaches, club leadership, and club atmosphere.  We encourage all families to do their due diligence in learning about clubs, either through direct research, or by speaking with a family who has had experience with a particular club.

Juniors News & Events

Information that might be helpful to parents of club aged athletes.

If you are new to USAV Junior Volleyball (club volleyball) you may want to read the articles below. What you have to find out before you try out!!

  • There are no player transfers between active junior teams within the Gateway Region. The regular junior season runs from September 1 and concludes at the end of the JNC. Once a junior member has committed to a team/club (signed the Binding Commitment Letter and/or completed the registration process and paid fees) she/he may not leave that club to represent another club during this season.  So...families: DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  • In the event that a team has less than 6 committed players by 8am the Friday immediately following tryouts, the commitment letter, if signed, will be voided and those players released to find another team.  After the initial tryout weekend, the team/club representative of a team of less than 6 committed players may choose to disband said team before  the Friday 8am deadline if they feel the team will not come together before that time.

The Articles below are for Parents of Junior Athletes.  Many are Region Specific.  Stay informed and educated about All Things Junior VB!