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How to Join Adult USAV Community

What is Adult USAV?

Adult USAV (USA Volleyball) is not just another recreational volleyball league.  In fact, it's quite the opposite!  Adult USAV is your opportunity to play MEN'S & WOMEN'S VOLLEYBALL competitively after Junior Club, High School and College. 

What makes Adult USAV Great?!
The Community, The Competition and The Social Experience.

The Community

Adult USAV Community consists of Men & Women of all ages seeking to continue to play volleyball in the most competitive atmosphere.  The community has current & former collegiate athletes, former high school & club athletes and other athletes seeking great competition!


Indoor Adult USAV Sanctioned Tournaments are scheduled October through April.  Team based entry with advanced registration required.  Check out the Tournament Structure information and Tournament Schedule link below for the current schedule of events.

Social Experience

While the matches are competitive on the court, the tournaments blend a social atmosphere for players to relax & build relationships off the court!  Remember, volleyball is a lifelong sport and the love of the game brings people together!

How to Form a Team?

  1. Organize your team!  Reach out to friends, former teammates, etc. to fill all positions on your roster for each tournament.  Your roster doesn't have to be a set roster for the whole season.  It can vary for each event.  However, all rostered players must be USAV members (annual membership).
  2. Have teammates REGISTER AS USAV MEMBERS!
  3. Coordinate with your team to select and REGISTER FOR TOURNAMENTS IN ADVANCETournament directors must receive entries relatively early otherwise they may release their courts back to their facility if events don't fill by a certain date.  If teams don't register early enough - tournaments could be canceled.

What Is Required?

All members seeking to play in USAV Sanctioned Adult Indoor Tournaments MUST be USAV members.  There is an annual $50 fee.  This membership keeps the team entry fees lower and also provides secondary insurance coverage.  There is no uniform requirement for local tournaments, however, numbered shirts are recommended.  Tournament Director policies vary but it is common that payment must be received in advance to secure your team's spot.

How Are The Tournaments Structured?

Tournament Cost:  
*All participants/teams must be USAV registered. 

Typical Tournament Start Time:
Tournaments begin play at 8:30 AM; Check in at 7:45 AM (some events may start at 8:00 AM; Check in at 7:15 AM).

Tournament Format:  
Teams play a minimum of 8 sets and a minimum of 2 teams from each pool advance to playoffs.  Reffing duties are required & assigned at tournaments (up ref,  down ref, scorekeeper, & 2 line judges).  Players must be capable to perform these duties at their respective level of play - no certifications required. 

Tournament Prizes:  
Prizes vary by tournament director but on average prizes consist of Championship T-shirts or Gift Cards.

Gateway Region Adult Special Events

The Gateway Region also hosts a few Adult Special Events annually!  The area's largest grass volleyball tournament - July's Spikin It!

Contact Us

Tony Stratman

Men's Player Representative* [term exp '24]

Phone: (314) 398-5495

Tori Wood

Women's Player Representative* [term exp '23]

Phone: (314) 566-3908

Divisions (Skill Level)

B-Geared towards players/teams who are seeking a little bit more competition.  Participants that play at this level have a reasonable knowledge of the rules.  Most players on the team should be able to pass and set with relative accuracy and should be prepared for hitting and blocking.

BB-Competitive teams with players who have experience and strong skills. Players at this level have strong fundamentals in all aspects of the game - serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking. 

A/Open-The most competitive teams with experienced and highly skilled players.

Did Someone Say NATIONALS?

Not only are there regional tournaments, there is also the Annual USA Volleyball Open National Championships!  Hundreds of teams across all levels of play compete in this event!  

The Open National Championships have a division for any adult who wants to play, spanning from the Open division featuring some of the top players in the country to various skill-level divisions and master's divisions for age-group competition for both men & women. 

USA Volleyball has showcased its USA Volleyball Open National Championships since the organization's founding in 1928.  Except for 1943 and 1944 during the height of World War II, and 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Open has been a mainstay celebrating adult volleyball nationally.  The event is one of the largest national championships in any sport in the United States.

Adult Open National Championships