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Annual Spikin It Adult/Juniors Grass Volleyball Tournament

2020 Spikin' It

Outdoor Grass VOLLEYBALL Event Presented by Gateway Region USAV 

July 18 & 19, 2020 - returning to the Mueller Soccer Fields, St. Charles, MO.

Entry Fee - $30/player (save $5/player if registered prior to 6/30 - ONLY $25/player)!
Includes tournament T-Shirt - guaranteed if registered by June 30th.  T-Shirt not guaranteed if registered after early registration deadline - 6/30/20.

The Registration "Annual Spikin It Adult/Juniors Grass Volleyball Tournament" is not currently available.

Saturday, 7/18

Men's Women's
Men's Open 2s Women's Open 2s
Men's Club 2s Women's Club 2s
Men's Club 4s Women's Club 4s
Boys 14s 2s Girls 14s 2s
Boys 16s 2s Girls 16s 2s
Boys 18s 2s Girls 18s 2s

Sunday, 7/19

(4s) FOURS
COED Open 4s
COED Club 4s
Boys 14s 4s
Girls 14s 4s
Boys 16s 4s
Girls 16s 4s
Boys 18s 4s
Girls 18s 4s


Are you ready for some great volleyball FUN? Then enter your team in the Spikin' It Grass Volleyball Tournament. St. Louis’ LARGEST outdoor grass volleyball tournament - Spikin' It -  promises players an exciting tournament with divisions for all playing abilities.  Enjoy a great day of hanging out in the park and playing volleyball with hundreds of fellow volleyball enthusiasts!


All Spikin' It players who enter & pay by JUNE 30 will receive a tournament tank top. First and second place teams in each division win prizes! CASH PRIZES for the Open division!  
Participants that register after the early registration period are not guaranteed a tournament tank top (SO REGISTER & PAY EARLY)!!!


Come join the fun. Enter & pay by June 30th for the discounted price of $25 per player. AFTER June 30th, entry fee is $30 per player, there is no guarantee that you will receive a tank top and teams will be accepted as space allows.


Male, Female, Coed and Junior Divisions
2-Player &  4-Player teams


We will be returning to the Mueller Soccer Fields for SPIKIN’ IT this summer! Mueller Fields  are located just off the New Town exit  and I-370 in St. Charles at 3801 Mueller Rd, St. Charles, MO 63301.

Event Entry - Online Registration

This event's registration will be managed online.  Payment may be made online.  Offline payment is available as well.  Payment is required to secure your team's spot.  Acceptance after the deadline is limited and dependent on availability. 

The Registration "Annual Spikin It Adult/Juniors Grass Volleyball Tournament" is not currently available.

The Tournament  Director reserves the right to restrict team placement in specific divisions based upon the effort to produce an enjoyable, balanced competitive atmosphere for each team.

Tournament Format


Dear Spikin It Players,

     Some additional details regarding check-in processes, as well as safety reminders!  Due to the importance of COVID restrictions and guidelines, please make sure you forward these messages and attachments to your teammates and family spectators.  If you have an questions the morning of the event, you may call Keith Mattingly at 314-722-0815.


Check-in Timeframe and Processes – Check-in each morning will be open between 7-7:30am at the Blue and Red USAV Canopies located between Concession Stand 2 and Field 11.  Please make sure all your teammates arrive in a timely fashion so that you may obtain any missing signatures on the team waiver form, and that you can collect each player’s COVID/wellness waiver.  These have been attached for your convenience.


Check-In Documents – A single team rep/captain will need to turn in a single COVID waiver for each player, as well as a single Spikin It Team waiver form with signatures from each teammate.  A team is not considered “checked in” until all legal documents are turned in.  Once an entire division is checked-in, staff will begin finalizing that division’s schedule.  After 7:30am, check-in will close, and only those teams that have checked-in will be scheduled into their pool play.


Schedules – Schedules are not finalized until check-in has concluded.  And there are 10 divisions with 33-35 courts of pool play to post.  If there is a late or unexpected drop, division sizes will change, affecting not only the teams in the division, but also court usage.  Although we try and plan for every eventuality, we are at max capacity, so solutions may take some extra time and effort to enact.  Please be patient as we work thru any potential hiccups.  Once a division’s schedule is complete, we will call that division’s captains over to collect their courts’ clipboards and they may begin competition at 8:00 or 8:15am.


Match Play rules – Please review attached rules, as there are minor differences between all the different disciplines of our game (Indoor, Grass, Sand, Snow).  If you have any questions – please save them for the rules meeting, detailed below.


Rules Meetings – A general meeting for all captains/team reps will take place at 7:30am.  Each team is responsible for having a captain/team rep present for this meeting.  We will go over safety, IMPORTANT changes to traditional match protocol, event notes & reminders, and playing rules.


General Field/Division assignments – At this time, we plan to keep all adult divisions on fields 11 and 14 on Saturday.  We plan to host all junior divisions on fields 12 and 15 on Saturday.  Our plan on Sunday is to use only fields 11 and 14.


Additional Reminders from yesterday’s email:


HEAT – Wear lightweight loose clothing.  Bring: LOTS of your own water.  Sunscreen.  Umbrella for shade while reffing.  Take breaks as needed. 


BALLS – Bring your own Ball!  A very limited number of balls will be available for rent with a deposit of a driver’s license or credit card.


TENTS – at least a full tent’s length away from any other tent.  Tents may be setup around the mapped fields (not within the fields among the courts).  Tents may not be setup in a position that obscures event staff from observing all the fields from Concession Stand 2.


CONCESSIONS available – see attached menu.  Coolers are typically not allowed, but we have negotiated with STC parks who are willing to let teams bring in coolers as long as they remain hidden in their tent.


PARKING – Please refer to the Muller Park Map that is attached.  Our event will utilize courts 11, 14, 15 and 12 in that order of priority.  Parking is the large lot adjacent to courts 14 and 11.  There is no parking next to Concession Stand 2 except for STC Park/Event Staff, Healthcare/Maintenance Staff and Emergency vehicles.

Level Of Play Definitions:

Open: The most competitive teams with experienced and highly skilled players; one bracket, cash prizes.
Club: Competitive teams; high / low brackets for divisions with 8 or more teams.
Intermediate:  Geared towards players/teams who are seeking a little bit more competition.  Participants that play at this level have a reasonable knowledge of the rules.  Most players on the team should be able to pass and set with relative accuracy and should be prepared for hitting and blocking.
Recreation:  For new players or just-for-fun teams (teams with limited skills and abilities - no strong hitters or leapers). Jump* serves are prohibited (with downward trajectory*; jump float serves are legal).

Tournament Morning - Team Check-In

Due to the projected heat forecast, Team Check-in will be Saturday & Sunday mornings, between 7:00-7:30am - at Championship Tent.  Only after all the teams of a division are checked in, will schedules be released (to accommodate any late additions, or last minute drops) and play will begin.  Check-in will involve:

  1. Payment of any entry fees (if offline payment selected)
  2. Filling out a Liability Waiver if NOT a Current Gateway Region Member

Teams will NOT be considered “checked-in” until entry fee is paid, AND non-members on your team have filled out the Liability Waiver.  Again, pool play schedules will not be released until 7:30am, and all teams of a division are checked in.  If there are any late additions or last minute drops, please allow time to re-do and re-seed the pools.


Linus Shyu

Spikin' It Director

Phone: 314-849-1221

Tony Stratman

Adult Player Rep

Phone: 314-398-5495

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