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Junior Club Information

How to Establish a New Gateway Region/USAV Club

Step 1 – A club director will need to establish a SportsEngine Account (go to and click sign in on upper right hand side of screen).  A membership Club DIrector membership will need to be purchased  and complete all safety requirements (Background Screen & SafeSport) and also Impact training to become eligible.   Keith Mattingly can be contacted at to get the link to purchase membership and to begin the process to register the new club.   The New Director should also review material in the Junior Handbook and Players Handbook located on the website at Manuals ( 

In addition USA Volleyball has some good information on resources for clubs at Resources for Clubs - USA Volleyball

Step 2 - A SportsEngine HQ will need to be provisioned.  Please access registration link at : 

Welcome | 24-25 Gateway Region - Club Sanctioning Form | Gateway Region Volleyball (

Upon completion please advise Registrar.   Registrar will ensure no team name conflict and assign a club code and approve.  Within one to two business days SportsEngine should have HQ provisioned.  

Step 3 - A Club Profile Template form will need to be completed and sent to   This provides basic information regarding you club and is uploaded to our website for parents or players searching for club options.    This form can be found at Junior Club Information (

Step 4 – To obtain a Certificate of Insurance for any gyms you use that require please access form at the following Insurance Forms (  It coincides with the membership season of September 1st, 2023 thru August 31st, 2024.   Please fill our form and send to   Please allow 3 – 5 business turn-around particularly in early September when many are submitted.  

Step 5 – Sanction your tryouts by downloading Tryout Sanction form that can be found at Junior Forms (  This can be submitted after June 3rd.  Please send to  This sanctions your tryouts and also it is published on our tryout page on website.   Important to note any coaches involved with tryouts must have a membership with all safety requirements completed.   For the July tryouts for new clubs or coaches we have created a cheaper summer coaches membership.  Two other key forms for tryouts is the Binding Commitment letter which when signed commits player to your club for the season and the Tryout Registration and Waiver form which provides a medical release.   Both forms can be found on the afore mentioned Junior Forms link. 

Step 6 – Facilitate a parent's within a couple days of tryouts. Have members present a birth certificate for confirmation of date of birth .  Also get Medical Release Form (there is a notarized and non-notarized version.   For local events can use the non-notarized but if traveling good practice to have notarized as some states require a notarized version) signed.    Also have them sign the Parent Code of Conduct.    Forms available at Junior Forms (  They do not have to be sent to the region but should keep with you for tourneys.   

Step 7 – You will proceed with getting players registered and assigned to your club with SportsEngine.   You can either have members purchase on their own or you can purchase on their behalf.   Please contact Registrar Keith Mattingly at 314-835-8614 to discuss method that will work best for your organization and how best to implement.   You will also roster your teams within SportsEngine.   This can be reviewed with the registrar as well.  

Step 8 – Tournament Directors can begin submitting requests to have tournaments sanctioned after Board Meeting in August which is the first Friday of the month.   There are 4 board meetings a year the first Friday of March, May, August, and December club directors are welcome to attend to provide any feedback.    Once sanctioned by region tourneys will be posted on the website on the appropriate Junior Girls or Boys tab.    Some tourneys have online registration other you will have to reach out to the contact listed and send payment.    Larger tournaments and qualifiers best to go to their website for the event to check for sign up information and requirements.  

Step 9 – When ref training materials have been uploaded into the USAV Academy all players will need to complete online ref or scorekeeping modules.    Coaches will need to complete a Coach specific  ref training also located on the USAV Academy it will be good for two years.    A practical clinic supervised by an Adult who has complete the Clinician training online will need to be held at the club level where they actually perform the activities in a game simulated environment.    

Step 10 - Ensure a team travel policy is established, published and advertised to all members of your club.   See pages 37-39 of Junior Handbook which can be found at Manuals ( for a sample of what to include.   Also ensure you have publicized Anti-harassment, bullying, and discrimination policies and electronic communications guidelines.